With an English name of Sandbox tree. Scientific name, Hura crepitans. Afro Cuban name is Salvadera. Its associated with Elegba and Sàngó. it has even found its way into Nigeria where it’s called Eru buje. The bark of the tree is covered in hard thorns. One of its names is called the dynamite tree because when ripe, the seed pods explodes sounding like dynamite while sending seeds flying up to 160 miles per hour!!!!


Very powerful indeed and potentially dangerous if you get hit... It’s has a lot of volatile ase. Perhaps this is why in Lucumi, it’s known as Salvadera and it’s associated with Sàngó...it’s a plant that is used for rheumatism, asthma, and as a fish poison when fishing. Spiritually it’s used in baths to ward off negativity and protection and to wash sacred icons...and for many other spiritual purposes.


Harvested fresh and dried at the Orilagba Moutain Retreat.  Available in 8oz quantities.