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Ifa Divination Reading

Also known as Dafa, Ifa divination readings are inquiries into the spiritual source of our existence through consultation of the sacred Ifa oracle.  Learn about the energetic energies impacting your life and what rituals are needed for balance and wellness.   Ifa readings not only offer insight into the spiritual dynamics going on in your life, but also provides the solution of problems and challenges.  Readings can be used to gain insight on relationships, career, physical health, family, and spiritual path. Click here to make an appointment.

Ancestral Cloth Divination Readings

Inquire directly with your ancestors in this Dagara style divination reading.  Ancestral divination readings utilize the elemental cloth divination style of the West African Dagara people.   It is based on the five elements and aims at utilzing ancestral energy to help the client with balance, and solution to some of lifes' problems.

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Ibori Head Feeding 

Ibori Ceremony is a sacred ceremony where one's personal spirit of conscioussness and destiny, called ori, also known as the head is honored, fed and appeased as a way to empower you towards self-actualization and success.   Simple consultation is performed prior to ceremony to determine which offerings are required for proper appeasement.

Spiritual Cleansings

Utilizing potent sacred herbs and other substances, spiritual cleansing elixers are used to cleanse a persons body, home, etc. of negativity, attract positivity and to change the energetic state to one more beneficial for the client.

Naming Ceremonies

The reception of a divinely inspired name is a powerful ceremony that empowers one to succeed.   In Yoruba culture it is usually done at the birth of a child, and also during major rites of passage such at initiations.

Ancestral Veneration Ceremonies

Periodically it is beneficial to venerate one's ancestors ceremoniously in an effective way that has been tried and tested.   We conduct ancestral ceremonies on behalf of our clients.

Shrine Consecration

When one is ready to engage with African spirituality and spirits in a deeper way, the reception of a consecrated shrine is usually recommended.  The reception of a shrine usually follows divination. Shrines includes various elemental and ancestral forces including: Ifa, Esu, Ogun, Oshun, Obatala, Sango, Orisa Aje, Obaluaye, Ibeji,  Egbe Orun, etc.

Grief Rituals

Grief rituals are designed to help clients overcome and release unresolved and restrictive grief.  It is a powerful ceremony which can be organized for a small group or a community


Ancestralization is a ceremony which helps those ancestors who have not yet passed over cross over to the ancestral realm.  It is a ceremony which establishes our dearly departed into the realm of the ancestors where than can be more of a benefit to use and themselves.

Feeding and Shrine Maintenance

Have your shrines fed and maintained by competent priests utilizing sacred chants, songs and rituals to properly appease. 

Hand of Ifa Ceremony

The hand of Ifa ceremony is a ceremony where one received the shrine of Ifa, and becomes the personal custodian of a personalized aspect of the spirit of divination, wisdom and destiny.   Apart of this ceremony is also the discovery of which tutulery orisa spirit rules one's head.

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