The term initiation was used in ancient times to describe the process through which people became priests in ancient Egypt. Likewise in the ancient African Yoruba culture, initiation is also

the process where normal human beings become extraordinary through spiritual transformation and study.

Initiation is the ancient process where a person undergoes a sort of spiritual surgery and is reconnected with their spiritual source of extraordinary power.  It is a process by which an initiate becomes the responsible custodian or certain natural energies

and spiritual powers which the priest in turn will cultivate for the benefit of him or herself, family and community.

One initiates after a series of spiritual investigations and rituals

to determine which energy is most appropriate for the devotee. These energies are centered around entities called orisa, who

are sometimes described as personified forces of nature but

really represent powerful spirits which have influence over

forces of nature.

Types of Initiations

Our Initiations are available for various orisa including Ifa, which is considered one of the most powerful and encompassing initiations which one can undergo.  

Ifa initiation, also called Itefa allows one to identify one's guardian spirits as well as one's odu, which represents a type of spiritual and physical horoscope which speaks about the life and destiny of a person.  Ifa initiation involved various esoteric and secretive processes which only intiates may witness and know about.  It is not for non-initiates.   Initiation is also the license to study and upon validation from one's elders, divine and assist others spiritually through divination.

Our initiations are conducted in Yorubaland, Nigeria by knowledgeble and skilled priests in a safe and welcoming location with western-standard accomodations.

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