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Orilagba Retreat was established in 2017 in the tropical hills of Bayamon Sur, Puerto Rico, a Tropical Rain Forest region as a community center of healing, learning and spiritual empowerment consisting of an Òrìşà sacred grove, botanical medicinal and spiritual garden and various public and private meeting spaces. Our goal is to profoundly enrich the lives of every individual as well as those within the local community and abroad.

Orilagba Retreat started via a test in worthiness, hope and faith in the òrìşà.  My mother had just passed and while mourning her passing, I was managing her estate while searching for my next move.   During this profound healing and soul-searching process, I reconnected with my life purpose. Manifest within the core of my being, was a memory. The memory of my life goal, to build and establish a retreat to serve as a place for mind, body and soul healing, spiritual development, learning and holistically connecting with nature.  It is through this experience that I stumbled on the exquisite, yet badly dilapidated Orilagba mountain retreat. 
It is my dream to open up the property fully to the community, so everyone can experience profound spiritual enlightenment, healing, growth, and learning all withing the context of a beautiful lush and breathtaking tropical jungle paradise in the mountain. To do so, we need your help to implement necessary repairs.


In an effort to help raise the necessary funds for our first project which is the $25,000 renovation of our roof, we are requesting donations and offering the following incentives as a sign of our gratitude.



$150+     Donations of $150 or more will receive Ogba Ase T-shirt or access to                    one of the following Tier 1 Orilagba Institute workshops: 

                Introduction to Yoruba Spirituality

                9 African Spiritual Powers

                Awure:  The Spiritual Technology of Good Luck Medicine

                Ajidewe:  The Spiritual Technology of Rejuvenation Medicine

                Traditional Egungun Ancestral Veneration Songs

                African Spiritual Anatomy

                Traditional Isese Orisa Song Class

                Orin Sango:  Traditional Isese Sango Song Class


$250+       Donations of $250+ will receive a wooden Ogba Ase Plaque or access

                 to one of the following Tier 2 Orilagba Institute workshops:

                 How to Take Care of Your Ifa Shrine

                 African Super Herbs:  Traditional and Modern Science

                 Sacred African Plants and Tree Shrines

                 How to Perform Ose Ifa: Weekly Workshop for Ifa and Orisa

                 Ewe Orisa:  8 Essential Herbs for Ifa and Orisa Practice

                 African Plants for Environmenal Defense and Influence


$350+     Donations of $350+ will receive a customized Life Manual or access                    to one of the following Tier 3 Orilagba Institute workshops:

                Dida Obi: Obi Divination Training


$500+      Donations of $500 or more will receive a Deluxe Exotic Incense Kit.  


$1,000+  Donations of $1,000 or more will grant donors invitation to attend a                    full day of spiritually empowering festivities including a private                            opening ceremony and reception as well as tour of Orilagba Retreat                    grounds.

As a Spiritual Center, the retreat will feature:

·             Divination Readings

·             Spiritual Development Training

·             Divination Trainings

·             Herbal Medicine Making

·             Orisa Priest and Devotee Trainings

·             Sustainability Training

·             Orisa Initiations

·             Spiritual Retreat Getaways

·             Spiritual Nutrition Training

·             Empowerment Rituals


As a Sustainability Learning Center, the retreat will feature:

·             Sustainability Training

·             Rainwater harvesting

·             Crop Growing

·             Medicinal Herb Cultivation

·             Spiritual Landscaping

·             Ecofriendly Building

As a Wellness Center, the retreat will feature:

·             Nutritional Counseling

·             Life Coaching

·             Massage Therapy

·             Reiki Treatments

·             Ionic Foot Detox

·             Ori Head Empowerment Feedings

·             Spiritual Cleansing Baths

·             Detoxification Programs

·             Spiritual Counseling

·             Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

·             Infared Sauna

              Temazcal Sweatlodge

              Dakhan Incense Therapy Hut

·             Pool


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