A spiritual consultation, also known as a divination reading or a "reading" for short is an inquiry into the underlying spiritual and energetic currents of our life.  When we get a reading we are delving into the world of subtle yet powerful energies, best understood by quantum physics.   Things happen in the spiritual realm first so, the understanding is inquiry into our spiritual issues will help navigate our physical world.   

A divination reading allows us to know the spiritual energies underlying our present day circumstances, whether positive or negative.   A reading can be compared to visit to your doctor.   The doctor does an examination and diagnosis of your physical condition.  Sometimes you go to doctor with a complaint and the doctor identifies the cause and prescribes treatment which often involves medicine.  Sometimes you go to a doctor just for a check up, and the doctor using his or her diagnostic and examination techniques gives you a summary of your physical state.  The same is the case for a spiritual reading.  


A diviner, especiallly a babalawo, a priest of Ifa is considered a sort-of spiritual doctor who investigates and examines a person spiritually to identify any negative or positive issues going on with the client.  If there are imbalances the diviner will suggest treatment which oftentimes includes herbal medicine.

In traditional indigenous cultures, spiritual readings are usually done a crossroads of life or before embarking on major events, such a marriage, birth, starting a business, tragedy, conflict resolution, illness, etc.  By getting a reading and following the recommendations from the diviner, you can an edge in galvanizing the support of the spiritual energies to assist you.



Ancestral Divination Readings

Inquire directly with your ancestors in this Dagara style divination reading.  Ancestral divination readings utilize the elemental cloth divination style of the West African Dagara culture.  


It is based on the five elements and focuses on tapping into ancestral energy to help the client with balance, and solution to some of lifes' problems.  Through ancestral cloth divination readings problems and imbalances are identified and improvement rituals are prescribed.  Guidance is offered based on what the ancestors say.

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Because of the omnipresent nature of spirit and energy, readings can be done remotely.  


You will need to provide your full name, birthdate, mothers and fathers full name, your email address and contact number.


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Ifa Divination Reading

Also known as Dafa, Ifa divination readings are inquiries into the spiritual source of our existence through consultation of the sacred Ifa oracle. In the West African Yoruba culture, Ifa divinations are considered one of the highest forms of divination readings.  Learn about the energetic energies impacting your life and what rituals and practices are needed for balance and wellness.  

Ifa readings not only offer insight into the spiritual dynamics going on in your life, but also provides the solution of problems and challenges.  Readings can be used to gain insight on relationships, career, physical health, family, negativity, conflicts and anything related to your spiritual path.