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Ifa is the vast science of divination which incorporates herbalism, history, nutrition, poetry, incantations, science, music, magic, medicine, and a host of other important aspects of society. It is a system bequeathed to humanity by its messenger and primary custodian, the honorable and wise Òrúnmìlà.

Ifa is separate from Òrúnmìlà in that It is the system of divination while Òrúnmìlà is the deity that presides over it. Because of this close connection Òrúnmìlà is sometime called Ifa as well but make no mistake. They are distinct...yet one and the! Ifa is not easy yet it is quite simple. It’s enigma is a reflection of the very universe which it comes from.

The profound thing about Ifa is that it is the primary knowledge base system set up to provide answers to life’s problems and mysteries to ALL. Olodumare itself has even historically consulted Ifa for guidance! One could ask, “Why would Olodumare,God Almighty itself need to consult Ifa?” This question comes from a limited Western perception of God and the struggle to come to grips with a fundamental point precisely articulated through the wisdom of Ifa.


This point is that there is an order to the universe that even the creator itself must abide by. Why? Because it is a part of creation and thus must play by the rules as well. The “rules” is Ifa. Ifa is the word of Olodumare; the road map to success and life. Olodumare is the truth. And this truth must abide by truth as well. It is not above. This is a powerful statement and reminder to those in authority to never believe they are above the law because not even God itself is above the law!  Get an Ifa spiritual consultation by clicking here. 

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