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In traditional Yoruba culture, the epitomy of knowledge, wisdom and understanding is personified in the person of Orunmila, who is Irunmole, Orisa, African sage, mystic, herbalist, master teacher, healer, historian, magician, counselor, warrior and king. He is one of the most fascinating and exemplary figures in Yoruba cosmology. He is the master of the Indigenous African Spiritual Technology of Ifa. He is the advisor to human beings and the dieties.


He represents indigenous scholarship and study. The kind of study that provides deep insight and wisdom. He is perhaps the reason why Nigerians have the most advanced degrees of any immigrant population in America. He is “Eleri Ipin”, witness of destiny, as he was present when we prostrated before the most high to receive our destiny before incarnating into physical form. He is “Aje ju ogun” he who is more efficacious than medicine. He is the custodian of the sacred Odu Ifa divination oracle, which his priests called Babalawo used to consult with him and help those who come to them for a wide range of issues.


He traveled the world recording stories and histories of human beings and dieties success and failures as a roadmap for us. He is gentle yet firm and strong. His Ifa corpus can take a lifetime to master. He’s associated with the sacred Palm Tree, said to be the most useful tree on earth. Those of us who are his devotees consult him every four days and to him we call Hepa Ifa.

For an spiritual consultation by an Ifa priest of Orunmila click here.

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