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Since human beings first began to use and manipulate metal, especially the harder metals like iron, the world has never been the same. The presence of cultivated metals in cultures oftentimes was associated with wealth, power, conquest and technology. The sacred Odu Ifa scriptures of the Yoruba people speak of a powerful being called Ogun who was the master of metals. In some cases he was metal itself.


Ogun is the entity from the spiritual dimension who allowed the other spirits to enter into earths atmosphere through a chain used as a ladder to climb down from heaven to earth. Some say this “chain” is actually the DNA helix which allow all genetic information from our ancestors to incarnate to earth. In Yorubaland, Ogun is considered a warrior and custodian of raw power represented by all tools made by metals. He is potentially dangerous and volatile yet if accessed properly can be man’s best defense and ally. He is a powerful energy that represents the Yoruba’s way of accessing the deep and profound spiritual technology of metal in all of its glitz and glory. He is the patron diety of the blacksmiths and hunters.


The raw power that is required to transform, mold and reshape metal is the energy of Ogun. Ogun is said to wield a cutlass which he uses to clear the forest in order to make way for civilization. Even Nigeria’s oil could not be mined without Ogun’s metal energy. It is Oguns power which bears the heavy weight of a horse wearing horseshoes, or the weight of heavy trains on train tracks. It is with this same energy and power that we can use to remove obstacles from our paths and build a new and better world. However, Ogun also lives in nature so we must remember also to respect it. It’s about balance. May Ogun use his cutlass to remove obstacles from our paths and vanquish our enemies! We greet him by saying Ogun Ye!!!!

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