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Introduction to Yoruba Spirituality

The Yoruba Orisa Spiritual Tradition is the most widely practiced African spiritual tradition in the world.  Learn about the basic fundamental beliefs of this dynamic and vibrant spiritual traditional in this in-depth online workshop presentation.   Over 2 hours of dense information about the Yoruba spiritual tradition and religion. Includes handouts.   Register here.

Nine African Spiritual Powers

Learn about the powers and spiritual and energetic significance of nine of the most popular powerful orisa of the Yoruba spiritual tradition in this informative online workshop by Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi.  We will look into their place of origin, qualities, favorite offerings, personality traits, and special energetic and spiritual powers they possess and are available to their devotees.     Register here.


Orisa Song Workshop 1   

Learn songs used to honor and invoke the presence of Osun, Sango, Esu, Obatala and Yemoja in this workshop on traditional Yoruba orisa songs.  These songs are not Lukumi but traditional Yoruba songs as sung in Nigeria.  Workshop presentation includes a handout with the Yoruba and English translation as well mp3 sound files for each song for you to download and study.  Register here.

African Spiritual Anatomy

Learn about the Spiritual Anatomy of the human mind, body and spirit from the Yoruba perspective.   In this workshop you will go through the major aspects of the Yoruba concept of personhood and learn about their spiritual and energetic significance.  Using Ifa and Yoruba culture as the basis we explore the body's spiritual energetic system and how to enhance it through diet and lifestyle practices.  Workshop includes a detailed handout for your study.   Register here

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