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The epitome of the just and wise king is found in the person of one of the most ancient of African spirits called Orisa in the Yoruba pantheon. His name is Obatala. Known by many names, he is considered the very eldest of Orisa. He wears the sacred Adenla beaded crown to prevent people from looking into his holy and divine face.


So powerful, ancient and wise is he that God Almighty itself designated Obatala it’s deputy on earth. He is a creator diety empowered with the creative energy and spiritual technology to create the human head and consciousness called Ori. To accomplish his creative work he was invested with two powerful instruments of spiritual technology: iwo aba, which he used to generate ideas and iwo ashe, which he used to manifest those ideas.


He also used a special energetically empowered snail shell to create land on earth. Obatala also represents the manifestation of white light and his shrine is filled with white objects. He represents coolness, patience, thinking before acting and the power of positivity. Despite his association with the color white, he is found in darkness for it’s in the deep dark recesses of the ocean where albino animals can be found. When all colors of light combine you get white. When all colors of matter combine, you get black. We hail him by saying Orisa Hepa! 

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