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Egyptian Elysium is a clean, floral, vibration raising scent reminiscent of the banks of the Nile in Ancient Egypt. Composed of a delicate balance of somalian Frankincense and fragrant botanical substances, this incense influences your environment in a positive way. It attracts positive vibrations and can be considered a type of Awure (good luck medicine).

Traditional Uses of Egyptian Elysium

• Assists in spiritual work

• Dispels negative energy

• Reduces mucus in bronchial infections when inhaled.

• Promotes good will and attracts positive vibrations

• Spiritually cleanses environments.

• Energetically strengthens the heart and improves memory

• Aids in meditational work

• Strengthens the spirit, “Emi” and heart, “Okan”

• Supports the ori consciousness in spiritual development

• Supports the dissipation of negative thought patterns.

• Helps facilitate healing in the body.

This is but one of the many exotic incense blends available...



Offering in 1oz quantities.

Egyptian Elysium Incense

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