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Mango leaves are powerful medicine made into tea and used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, restlessness.   Spiritualy they are used to attract love and good luck.   They can also be hung around the home to ward off evil and attract blessings.


Physically mango leaves are used in tea for:

  • 1. Treating Diabetes
  • 2. Lower Blood Pressure
  • 3. Treats Restlessness
  • 4. Gall And Kidney Stones
  • 5. Respiratory Problems
  • 6. Cures Dysentery
  • 7. Ear Aches
  • 8. Heal Burns
  • 9. Treats Hiccups And Throat Problems
  • 10. Stomach Tonic


Spiritually mango leaves are used for:

Attracting good luck 

As an ingredient for omiero in the diaspora


Harvested fresh and dried at teh Orilagba Mountain Retreat in Puerto Rico.  Available in 4oz quantities. 

Mango Leaf

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