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When you have haters sending you malicious negativity what is one of the things we do? We use Adapada Ibi!  With the current onslaught of negativity sometimes you just need to protect yourself and send it back! T hat’s what Adapada Ibi does with the power of Sango. Adapada Ibi is a Back to Sender Personal Defense African Spiritual Technology.


This is one of the essentials for many Sango Isese practicioners but anyone can use this powerful form of wearable African Spiritual Technology.


This piece of potent standardized spiritual technology is designed to protect you and send negativity back to sender.


Nothing is 100% fool proof but it can definitely help.

Wear it around your neck or on your person!. Needs no further fortification. Complete instructions of use with purchase.

Sango Adapada Ibi Protection Charm

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