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Somu is a particular type of African Spiritual Technology which is one of the “owo” class of medicines. Owo is a type of powerful personal protection charm which protects the owner from physical harm or tragedy. A stronger version or Owo is called Somu.  Somu is actually short for "somu do ngo," which is its full name.


When a person has Somu they will be protected from physical danger.  Somu also protects from negativity, curses and malicious juju.


The person should NOT actively put themselves in danger but when a dangerous situation is on the horizon the medicine will cause such danger to be avoided. The charm is able to pick up future potential dangerous situations and help one avoid it by any means necessary.


Somu is a powerful protection medicine which requires periodic fortification by a priest or specialist who can fortify its periodically. I’m honored to be able to offer this potent spiritual technology to the public.


Before purchasing, please email me me first at


Somu Protection Charm (without bead)

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