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Cultural Tours

Nigeria offers so much for the seeker of authentic African​ culture.  As the most populous country in Africa, it offers a wide range of cultural experiences:  from hiking, touring ancient sites, the slave ports, palaces and sacred sites.  Tours can be tailor more based on your tastes and interests by seasoned tour guides and travelers to NigerIa.

Spiritual Tours

Ngeria also happens to be the cultural mecca of the global orisa Ifa spiritual tradition and offers a host of spiritual and cultural experiences based on your need, from visiting sacred historic shrines, receiving consecrated shrines, to intiatiating into ancient orisa spiritual societies.  

All your spiritual, educational and ritualistic needs can met on your Nigeria trip.  We deal with only reputable, trustworthy people to make your stay a safe, enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experience.

Group Tours

Organize a group to come with you Nigeria and set up an eventful and cultural and spiritually satisfying experience including all the places you want to visit and things you want to do.


Accomodations are either bed and breakfast homes or hotel facilities.  All are safe, clean, with modern amenities such as hot running water, toilet facilities, internet and wifi access.


All trips are safe and secure in safe gated communities.

Some Tourist Attraction and Destinations

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