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256 Hz: The Odu Ifa's Sacred Frequency

The ancient Yoruba Ifa divination system is truly a masterpiece of Indigenous African Spiritual Technology. Encoded in Ifa is a balancing energy or force which has the ability to assist all in spiritual and energetic development. And because E=MC(2), we are all ultimately energy, even matter.

In it’s essence Ifa is a healing sacred geometry and geomancy; a special spiritual technology that works with earths energies to manifest phenomena and help align human beings with their full potential. This is why everyone no matter what your religion can benefit from Ifa.

Related to the Yoruba word Ifa, is the word “Fa” which means “to scrape or scratch.” On one hand this alludes to a story from a highly esoteric verse of the Odu Ifa scripture with a name too sacred to be mentioned here. This also represents the diviner scratching the surface of the sacred divination tray laden with sacred iyerosun powder to produce the sacred Odu signatures during a divination reading. This tray represents the planet earth and the powder represents the dirt-earth from which everything was created. Thus the act of divination performed by an Ifa priest represents scratching the surface of earth to uncover wisdom of the ancestors below. The scratching also represent the act of spreading the earth during creation of earths surface in the Yoruba creation myth.

In sacred Ifa numerology, 4 represents the stability of the dimensions as four corners make a house. It represent structure. 4 squared is 16 which represents the first 16 major odus. 16 squared is 256 which represents the full Odu Ifa corpus, the 256 Odu Ifa. This is where it gets more interesting.

In the realm of sound frequency and vibration, 256 represents the middle note C which vibrates on the 256 Hz frequency. 256 hz is the basis of scientific tuning in the musical word because it resonates with the human voice which is the original instrument. This is the middle note that is used to attune all other notes. This frequency is associated with 432hz that is considered the earths frequency. The frequency of earths electromagnetic waves resonates with the frequency of 8 Hz. On the musical scale where A has a frequency of 440 Hz, the note C is at about 262.656. Hz. However, if we take 8 Hz as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves (i.e. by the seven notes in the scale five times) we reach a frequency of....guess what? 256 Hz in whose scale the A note has a frequency of 432 Hz. (stay with

The 432 Hz frequency, makes us very relaxed but conscious and opens us to the intuitive learning. According to musical theory, A=432 Hz (256 Hz) is mathematically consistent with the universe. Ancient instruments found in ancient Egypt, Greece and Tibet were found to be tuned at 432 Hz (256 Hz). 432 Hz frequency (256 Hz) is the frequency most well received by our bodies. It also leads to tune into a deeper state, activating higher cognitive capabilities, such as creativity, open- mindedness, hospitality, sensitivity.

In summary, we can say that the Ifa frequency of 432 Hz(256 Hz) frequency just like the Odu Ifa oracle itself and is aimed at aligning (or attuning) us to the earths energy for maximum success and growth. Interesting stuff. Ifa Spiritual Technology is never short of wonders.

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