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6-Month Spiritual African Materia Medica Certificate Training

Africa, the birthplace of humanity and cradle of civilization is also the birthplace of spiritual technology utilizing natural substances. Healers all over the continent have practiced traditional African medicine using these substances. However, in addition to the physical properties, many healers also tapped into the spiritual qualities of these substances sin his treatment to affect the patience on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is the spiritual qualities of the pharmacopeia of traditional continental African medicine which will be delved into in this comprehensive and groundbreaking training. Learn all about the spiritual qualities of hundreds of botanical, animal, and mineral substances used in traditional African spirituality and healing across the continent.

If you are familiar with my trainings, workshops and writings, you know that you will received an overload of practical information on the spiritual use of these substances to utilize in your practice for yourself, your family, friends and or clients.

This information comes from over 15 years of my personal study with various African healers and medicine men as well as my own research.

Includes: -12 online presentation videos workshops -Scientific botanical names -Local traditional names -Spiritual and mystical properties -Traditional African use -Some traditional African herbal medicine recipes -Ifa Yoruba herbs included but not limited -Weekly assignments -Bonus Into to African Medicine Making Workshop included -Some Photos when available


-24 Hour Access to training materials -Certificate of completion

This certificate training is designed for priests, healers, and traditional African spiritual practitioners of any denomination.

Training starts Monday, November 11th... Mark your calendars!!!

Some of the workshop presentation will be live but all of them will be recorded and made available to all those registered for the course 24 hours, 7 days of a week for the duration of the training.

Deposits and first payments must be made by November 6, 2019 deadline to be included in the training.

Course Fee:

Payment Option #1

$600 paid in full prior to November 6, 2019.

Payment Option #2

$140 per month paid by the 6th of every month. (First payment must be received by November 6, 2019)

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