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The Use of Dirt in African Spiritual Technology

As earth based traditions, African Traditional Spiritual practices incorporate many natural ingredients from earth including the earth also known as dirt. Yet as I stated in earlier writings, Earth is not dirty.

Earth is a feminine element along with mineral and water with the ability to absorb energy. Because of this special quality earth from different regions will possess different qualities and can therefore be useful for different purposes.

In the sacred Odu Ifa scripture as well in many spiritual traditions around the world, human beings were said to have been created from clay made from earth. It is for this reason that we also have a special connection to dirt from the ground also known as earth.

Here is a quick snapshot of examples of how some of the earth is used in African Spiritual Technology.

It’s important to use this information carefully with knowledge or under the guidance of an elder and not through major experimentation. If so you do at your own possible risk.

Iyerosun: Termite dust from the Irosun tree is used by babalawo to invoke the Odu Ifa signatures and incarnate them to be used in medicines. Although it is technically wood dust, it is used as a symbol of earth.

Anthill Dirt: Used medicines and rituals for fertility, ancestors and getting work or employment.

Termite Hill dirt: Used in fertility and ancestral medicine and ritual.

Crossroad Dirt: Used for rituals and medicine for, communication, conflict, meetings, attraction and transformation.

Dirt from Base of Orisa Shrine: To be used in medicine and rituals with that Orisa or spirit.

Forest Dirt: To be used in medicine and rituals for forest spirits, nature spirits.

Graveyard Dirt: To be used in formulation of medicines and rituals with the dead. Also used in aggressive medicine.

Market Dirt: Used in medicine and rituals for prosperity and business success.

Footprint Dirt: Used in rituals and medicine to affect the person whose footprint it is.

Dirt From Roots Of Tree Uprooted from a Storm: Heightened amount of Ase used to add power and speed to a medicine.

Again these are just a snapshot of the fascinating African spiritual Technological science which deals with energy, frequency and the directed use of natural resources to reach certain ends and manifest certain goals.

So get out there and respect the dirt beneath your feet. Study dirt. Study energy. Study earth. It's powerful!

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