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The Odu Ifa Irosun Iwori and the Communal Destiny Of Humanity

This is one of the most fascinating verses in the Odu Ifa corpus. I am reposting it without commentary, from the Sacred Odu Ifa Oracle book by Afolabi and Neimark. It will behoove you to study this verse deeply and try to understand it as much as possible for this verse is IT.

Irosun Iwori

Let us do things with joy. Those who want to go, let them go. Those who want to stay, let them stay. Surely, humans have been chosen to bring good into the world. The All-Knowing One, priest of Orunmila, interpreted the teachings of Ifa for Orunmila. He said the people of the world would come to ask him a certain question. He said that Orunmila should sacrifice. Orunmila heard and complied. One day all kinds of people, good people and those who do not allow good in other people's lives gathered together. They then went to Orunmila. . They said; "Coming back and forth to earth tires us, Orunmila." Therefore, please allow us to rest in heaven." Orunmila said, "You cannot avoid going back and forth to earth, Until you bring about the good condition that Olodumare has ordained for every human being.

After then, you may rest in heaven." They asked "What is the good condition?"

Orunmila said; "The good condition is a good world: A world in which there is full knowledge of all things; Happiness everywhere; Life without anxiety or fear of enemies;

Without clashes with snakes or other dangerous animals; Without fear of death, disease, litigation losses, wizards, witches or Eshu; Without fear of injury from water or fire; and Without fear of poverty or misery.

Because of your wisdom, your compelling desire for good character and your internal strength.

The things needed to bring about the good condition in the world then are: Wisdom that is fully adequate to govern the world;

Sacrifice; character; the love of doing good for all people, especially those who are in need, And those who seek assistance from us;

And the eagerness and struggle to increase good in the world, And not let any good at all be lost.

People will continue to go to heaven; And they will go back and forth to earth after their transfiguration, Until everyone has achieved the good condition.

Thus, when the children of Oduduwa gather together,

Those chosen to bring good into the world are called human beings or the chosen ones."

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